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About Us

Lumamus Herbs Sanctuary is a local enterprise based in Sabah, Malaysia that specializes in producing natural dried herbs, ingredients, and products that promote healthy lifestyles. We understand the importance of having access to natural resources as we strive to bring sustainable development opportunities to rural and urban communities alike. Our core mission is to empower local communities by encouraging their production of medicinal herbs for market use. We are committed to collecting raw harvests from these communities and turning them into unique crafted products and mass-produced items for our customers' convenience. In addition, we also aim to make herbal products more accessible by utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques for each product. Our attention to detail results in premium quality items without compromising the integrity of their natural ingredients. We believe a holistic approach is essential when it comes to embracing healthy living. Therefore, all of our products not only target physical wellness but emotional well-being too. We continuously strive to find new ways to incorporate traditional herbal remedies into everyday life in conjunction with modern scientific advancements. At Lumamus Herbs Sanctuary, we aim to connect people with nature through innovative processes such as sustainable harvesting and manufacturing natural ingredients. We hope to be part of this journey in providing a safe platform for those who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle through natural means without any detriments towards Mother Nature herself. FEEL GREAT and LOOK GREAT everyday.

Our Vision

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Our vision for Lumamus Herbs Sanctuary is to become a leading provider of natural, sustainable medicinal products that promote healthy lifestyles. We strive to empower our local communities and offer them the opportunity to produce and supply raw materials, while also using innovative manufacturing methods to create unique crafted items and mass-produced goods. We want to make herbal products more accessible by offering premium quality products without compromising the integrity of their natural ingredients. Ultimately, we aim to positively contribute towards sustainable development both in rural and urban areas in Sabah, Malaysia by providing a healthier lifestyle alternative through high quality herbs, ingredients, and herbs based products. In pursuit of this goal, we will continue working closely with our suppliers, customers and partners to ensure sustainability across all aspects of production. Furthermore, our team will remain committed to delivering excellent customer service at every stage of product development and delivery. As leaders in this industry, we aspire to be an example for others on how companies can invest in ethical practices with respect for people and the planet through environmentally friendly activities such as soil conservation efforts or low water usage processes throughout production. With these values ingrained into our company culture, Lumamus Herbs Sanctuary strives to become a respected name within the medicinal product industry that is held in high regard by customers looking for natural solutions for their health needs.

​Lumamus Herbs Sanctuary is a Local Company that collaborated with community builder to collect their small raw and dried herbs to be process into a herbal series products such as cooking spices, herbal drinks, herbal tea, beauty and wellness care products.....

Meet Our Team

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